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55,99 €


MDNS Stretch Covers have been designed by surfers, for surfers!

They cater for all forms of surfboard design and provide a number of technical qualities to protect your quiver from the day to day hazards that are liable to damage your pride and joy!

Manufactured with high quality fabrics and superior construction to offer your surfboard protection against small scratches caused by the natural beach environment and transportation in your vehicle or on your bike, the Stretch Cover is perfect for everyday use!

It is also a great solution to keeping your surfboard protected for the sun whilst you wait for the tide and swell conditions in between sessions!

Sizes available are to be chosen as per the size of your surfboard. Should your surfboard be in between the two sizes available our advice is to select the larger or the two stretch cover sizes.

The stretch cover can be rolled up if it’s too long and can be secured thanks to its innovative design which includes a drawstring at the tail of cover to form a safe "seal".


- Thick Polyester Stretch Fabric

- Protective Noise Piece

- Drawstring Closure

- Fits 1 Board

- Come w/ Mesh Bag Packaging

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