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MDNS Boardbags have been designed by surfers, for surfers!

They cater for all forms of surfboard design and provide a number of technical qualities to protect your quiver from the day to day hazards that are liable to damage your pride and joy!

Manufactured using the world's finest materials to protect your surfboard, the Daybag will guarantee your board the protection it deserves!

Including a number of technical features such as Heat Reflecting Silver Polytarp to protect your board from the sun along with a Comfortable Adjustable and Removable Carry Strap you won’t be disappointed with our board bags that have been carefully designed to protect your quiver!

Sizes available are to be chosen as per the size of your surfboard. Should your surfboard be in between the two sizes available our advice is to select the larger or the two boardbag sizes.

The bag can be rolled up if it’s too long and can be secured thanks to its innovative design which include clips either side of the tail end to form a safe "seal".


- 5MM High Density Foam Padding

- Nylon 600D

- Heat Reflective Silver Polytarp

- Clipped & Adjustable Buckle Closure

- Adjustable Shoulder Strap

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