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Real revolution for beginners’ practice, the foam surfboard, named ‘softboard’ has found its place on the surfboard market. Appeared several years ago, the foam construction has many advantages to start learning this difficult sport, surfing. For sure, like any other purchase, it is essential to consider different criteria and to know the size of your board to confirm your final choice. In this article, MDNS Surf will explain to you the potential of softboards.

Firstly, it is significant to see different criteria to guide your choice to the most suitable board for your use. The level, the size, the intensity of practice and the surf conditions has to be all considered. Your budget will also influence your final decision. All these criteria, which will evolve with your experience, will define the choice of the shape and size of your surfboard. However, for a beginner, the essential is to focus on its body size to find the perfect foam surfboard structure.


Today, we can fin softboards with large dimensions, in length and width, ensuring an optimal bearing capacity. Super light but fragile material, the foam ensures you an important buoyancy and thus a high stability to surf your first waves in total safety. Indeed, with the use of a board of this type, the risk of accident is reduced for yourself and others. The foam absorbs well shocks and therefore avoid potential injuries. As you can see, this is the perfect board for fun surfing sessions at the beach!

Nowadays, there are many shapes for all types of surfers. For the beginners, our MDNS Surf team advises you to go for two types of surfboard shapes: the Malibu or Mini-Malibu and the Longboard.

The Malibu or Mini-Malibu is the perfect shape for stability and buoyancy which brings some lift and allows you to take the waves without problem. Its comfortable volume ensures success in your first take-offs, in other words your starts on the wave while standing on the board.

The Longboard is the ideal shape for its paddling quality as well as its great stability which gives you a surprising ease at the time of your take-off. Thanks to its important buoyancy, it is quite easy to learn the basics of surfing with this type of model in order to progress quickly. In addition to its high cost, it is more difficult to handle because of its size, which requires some control.

The idea is to choose a bigger softboard with more volume in order to get a better stability.


A softboard is suitable for all levels but it is more intended for a beginner/intermediate or an occasional surfer. Simple and easy to use, those having a lack of control with regular falls will really appreciate it to learn the basics and have some fun. Also accessible to children, the foam has all the advantages for a safe practice. Moreover, it is highly recommended to choose a softboard for your first purchase to become more familiar in paddling.


During an initiation, these foam surfboards allow to take easily the small waves and the foams. For the more advanced level who are looking for speed and control, they can take more powerful waves.



As said before, the main advantage is the security that this type of board guarantees. In addition, it also has the advantage of being resistant to transport shocks.

Another advantage is that softboards have the specificity of having an imposing volume in order to offer an important stability and flotation, essential to start surfing. This structure makes it easy to paddle to catch waves with a certain ease and so reducing efforts. It is then easier to get up and stand up on the boar. For its ease of use, it's your best partner for your beginnings in surf.

The use of a foam surfboard is the ideal way to discover the feeling of freedom that surfing provides, to apprehend the natural elements and to gain confidence in its glide. This type of board allows you to start and improve step by step. Also ideal for fun in the water with the waves, there is nothing better than a light foam board for a summer surf session!

Softboards are also perfect for low budgets. It is for you the opportunity to equip yourself for future unforgettable surf sessions!



However, if you want to surf in more extreme conditions and face stronger waves, the foam surfboard will not be your favorite board because of its low technicity.


The size is one of the most important criteria when you want to start surfing. Indeed, it is your body type which includes your height as well as your weight which will determine the most adapted board size for you as well in length as in width but also in thickness. In general, a surfboard is proportional to your weight and height. The heavier the surfer is, the higher the board weight should be. It will be necessary to choose a board with larger proportions.

However, as a beginner, the rule is not the same. Indeed, whatever your morphology, you should definitely look for a big surfboard with a large volume. Its superior dimensions in terms of width and length will give you an excellent stability and buoyancy. Easier to paddle, boards of this size will be the best to start getting into the waves and just standing up. On the other hand, as an expert, you can choose for a shorter board for more reactive sessions. Your size is very important in the choice of a surfboard because it allows a pleasant session with an unbeatable comfort. To know more about this, you can read our article "How to choose your surfboard size?" where you will find, in detail, all the elements to know about the measurements of your next board.

Once your progress will definitely be visible, you will be able to switch with a smaller board size, more efficient and technical to start performing maneuvers with more control.

Surfing equipment represents a certain investment which supposes to be sure of oneself to make its choice. Looking for a surfboard for beginners, at an affordable price and that ensures a certain safety but all in a good mood? Don't hesitate, the foam surfboard is made for you! Perfect for Summer, the foam board is aimed at a large number of people and can be adapted to all uses thanks to its many advantages. It will delight your desire of initiation and/or fun thanks to its product features. All you have to do is test your new equipment! Quickly tried, quickly adopted!

The purpose of this article is to inform you about the benefits that a foam surfboard offers in order to direct you to the board that suits you the most between the models MDNS Surf. We hope to have brought you the necessary explanations and that our recommendations will help you in the choice of your future surfboard.


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